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Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitation on what you can create.

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With over 20 years of extensive industry experience, I've seen and heard it all. I bring passion to the table but do it with regard to the material to help you navigate the politics of getting your script exposed and read by the entertainment business at large. Think of my services as offering a "manager for hire" on a project-by-project basis.

People consult me for all kinds of information about the industry. They ask me for advice and guidance or utilize my consultation services to determine how to get their material ready for distribution. Perhaps you have a selection of representatives and producers that are already reading your material. You need advice on whom to trust or how to maximize your opportunity... that's where I come in.

Over the years I have represented Seth Rogen, Jay Roach, and worked with all of the major studios and networks.  

When you hire me, you are not only paying for high-level script consultation, you are also gaining something far more invaluable… a well-connected industry contact. Unlike other script consultants, if I love the material that I’m helping you to develop, I have the ability to take the project to market as a producer or help you find proper representation.  

If I read a script of yours and find it market-ready, I can offer an opportunity to set it up or lead you to representation.  I work with literary managers and agents at CAA, WME, UTA, ICM, and various others.

As someone who has worked with artists for more than two decades, I understand the individual needs of a writer/director and I am sensitive to the fact that everyone has their own process. I understand what it takes to create and tell stories. 

More than anything, I know how hard it is to break down the doors that many don't have the key to access. Though I am actively developing multiple feature film and television projects as a producer, my main goal is to help people become better artists and more educated about the business.

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